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City of Houston occupancy preparedness inspection available

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I schedule an inspection?

Call us at 832-867-6253 and we would be happy to schedule your inspection.

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How do I obtain my report?

Click Here and type in your "PIN Number" you received after payment of your inspection.

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Should I have my home inspected?

Yes!  We are here to help you identify deficiencies in your home.                                 Because you need to know.

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How can a VIP inspection help me?

VIP inspections can help you obtain a new insurance policy or lower your existing insurance policy cost on your home.

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What is the goal of a real estate inspection?

To identify deficiencies and make our customer aware of the issues. We also make recommendations of what licensed trades  would be able to address the problem.

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How long will it take to get my report?

Jay Hicks Inspection Services is proud of our customer service record. We can produce a standard real estate inspection report (non-commercial)  within 1 hour to 2  business days after payment is received.

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I'm about to start building my home. Can you help?

Yes! We can perform a stage inspection (New Construct). Our inspectors will inspect the home on every major phase of the building process and provide the customer with a report when needed. A final report is issued when the construction is compelte.
Because you need to know. 

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I'm buying a commercial building. Can you help?

Jay Hicks Inspection Services is fully qualified to inspect commercial real estate up to 10,000 square feet.

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Do you provide pictures in your report?

Yes! We provide pictures.

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Do you inspect pools and hot tubs? 


Certificate of Occupancy for the City Of Houston

All commercial properties in the city of Houston are required to obtain and display a "Certificate of Occupancy". Compliance inspections are designed to prevent building deterioration to an extent that it could expose its tenants to risk their health and lives. They are an inexpensive way to insure building safety.

Let us Help!

Let us help you obtain a "Certificate of Occupancy" permit for the city of Houston. There are 3 easy steps to success. Step 1 Jay Hicks Inspection Services will inspect your facility and issue a report detailing what needs to be done. Step 2 After the needed repairs have been completed, we will reinspect the facility to be sure it is ready and schedule the city inspection for you. Step 3 We will then follow up and obtain your "Certificate of Occupancy" permit and deliver it to you. Our inspectors are licensed, certified, and versed in local codes and regulations. Don't waste your time and money. Let the pro's at Jay Hicks Inspection Services alleviate your issue. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

City of Houston RED TAG

Avoid a "RED TAG"

Municipal inspectors may "RedTag" a property when:
A) no "Certificate of Occupancy" has been obtained or displayed or
B) there is a safety, health, or building construction issue that needs attention.
Citations may be issued daily until the owner complies with the requirements and obtains a certificate.


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