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TREC #5332 / TREC #21133

VIP Inspector #16703081178


Every house or building should be inspected by a professional. Since not all building codes or standards are the same, structures are sometimes not built properly. It is our goal to find and expose the imperfections in these properties and make our customers aware of them before the purchase is made, usually saving money. We perform mechanical, structural, and electrical inspections. We also inspect swimming pools and hot tubs.


    • -Mechanical inspections include air conditioning and heating systems, ducts and vents, plumbing and waste vents, water wells, septic systems. (when applicable)
    • -Structural inspections include foundation, roof, walls, ceilings, floors, doors, windows, etc.
    • -Electrical inspections include service panels (breaker boxes), plugs, etc


We can usually provide next day service. However, during peak seasons, we sometimes will ask for more notice. Our pricing is based on the square footage of the property and any aminities (ie: pool, hot tubs, and out door kitchens) .We offer online reports which are usually available immediately following the inspection.

For our customers who are able to attend the inspection, we issue a PIN # on their receipt. They can then visit Jayhicks.net, and using that PIN #, download their report.

For our customers who can not be at the inspection, we offer PayPal as an option. Click on the PayPal logo and pay by credit card. (However, our system uses the PAY PAL confirmation number as the PIN #, so payment must be made PRIOR to issuing a report).


Consumers occasionally have trouble finding affordable property insurance because some insurers fear their home will generate too many claims. Insurance companies may label these homes “uninsurable.”

In many cases, these homes are in older rural or inner-city neighborhoods. The Texas Voluntary Inspection Program (VIP) offers owners of well-maintained homes a way to show insurers that they deserve coverage. These are called Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) inspections.

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Our experience in the inspection industry has led to many contacts throughout the Houston area, which makes our scheduling time shorter. We can usually schedule, perform and issue a complete report in a 10 business day window. These times may vary depending on the complexity of the inspection, scheduling, etc.

We have three options for commercial inspections, depending on the need of our customers. 

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We offer special pricing for our investor customers who buy and sell property on a regular basis.

We can perform specialized inspections that are not regulated by the Texas Real Estate Commission.

We have several specialized reports already designed or we will customize a report to fit an investor's needs.

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