This property inspection report may include an inspection agreement (contract), addenda, and other information related to property conditions. If any item or comment is unclear, you should ask the inspector to clarify the findings. It is important that you carefully read ALL the information. This report may not be complete without the attachments. This inspection is subject to the rules ("Rules") of the Texas Real Estate Commission ("TREC"), which can be found at

The TREC Standards of Practice (Sections535.227 - 535.231 of the rules) are the minimum standards for inspections by TREC licensed inspectors. An inspection addresses only those components and conditions which are present, visible, and accessible at the time of the inspection. While there may be other parts, components, or systems present, only those items specifically noted as being inspected were inspected. The inspector is not required to move furnishings or stored items. The inspection report may address issues that are code based or may refer to a particular code: however, this is NOT a code complaisance inspection and does NOT verify compliance with a manufacturer's installation instructions. The inspection does not imply insurability or warrantability of the structure or it's components. Although some safety issues may be addressed in this report, this inspection is NOT a safety/code inspection and the inspector is NOT required to identify all potential hazards.

In this report, the inspector will not which components were Inspected (I), Not Inspected (NI), Not Present(NP), and/or Deficient (D). General deficiencies include inoperability, material distress, water penetration, damage, deterioration, missing parts, and unsuitable installation. Comments may be provided by the inspector whether or not an item is deemed deficient. The inspector is not required to prioritize or emphasize the importance of one deficiency over another.

Some items reported as Deficient may be considered life-safety upgrades to the property. For more information, refer to Texas Real estate Consumer Notice Concerning Recognized Hazards, form OP-I.

This property inspection is not an exhaustive inspection of the structure, systems or components. The inspection may not reveal all deficiencies. A real estate inspection helps reduce some of the risk involved in purchasing a home, but it can not eliminate these risks, nor can the inspection anticipate future events or changes in performance due to changes in use or occupancy. It is recommended that you obtain as much information as is available about this property, including any sellers disclosures, previous inspection reports, engineering reports, building/remodeling permits, and reports performed for or by relocation companies, municipal inspection departments, lenders, insurers, and appraisers. You should also attempt to determine whether repairs, renovation, remodeling, additions, or other such activities have taken place at this property. It is not the inspectors responsibility to confirm that information obtained from these sources is complete or accurate or that this inspection is consistent with the opinions expressed in previous or future reports. Items identified in the report do not obligate any party to make repairs or take other action, nor is the purchaser required to request that the seller take any action. When a defienciency is reported, it is the clients responsibility rot obtain further evaluations and/or cost estimates from qualified service professionals. Any such follow up should take place prior to the expiration of any time limitations such as option periods. Evaluations by qualified tradesmen may lead to the discovery of additional deficiencies which may involve additional repair costs. Failure to address deficiencies or comments noted in this report may lead to further damage of the structure or systems and add to the original repair costs. The inspector is not required to provide follow up services to verify that proper repairs have been made.

Property conditions change with time and use. For example, mechanical devices can fail at any time , plumbing gaskets and seals may crack if the appliance or plumbing fixture is not used often, roof leaks can occur at any time regardless of the apparent condition of the roof, and the performance of the structure and the systems any change due to changes in use or occupancy, effects of weather, etc. These changes or repairs made to the structure after the inspection may render information contained herein obsolete or invalid. This report is provided for the specific benefit of the client named above and is based on observations at the time of the inspection. If you did not hire the inspector yourself, reliance on this report may affect the meaning of the information in this report. It is recommended that you hire a licensed inspector to perform an inspection to meet you specific needs and to provide you with current information concerning this property.

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